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Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro Q&A: Saving a Waterlogged Lawn

Welcome to another installment of Ask a Pro! Today we are talking to Dream Team member and outdoor design expert Carson Arthur! Let’s see what he has to say about saving a waterlogged lawn!


Q: I have a large back yard. Most of the time it is waterlogged and mosquito infested, making it very difficult to maintain (hence the overgrowth and weeds). Now there is a very stinky type of mushroom taking over. How can I make my yard more hospitable and owner friendly?

-Sandra C.

A: Soil 911! Sandra, you officially have drainage issues!  Surprise!  I know that this isn’t a shock to you after what you’ve described, however it is significantly worse than you probably think. “Oh NO!” The hard facts; that putrid smell and the fact that you are now growing mushrooms means that your soil is starting to rot.  If you don’t get in some proper drainage solutions, then you will eventually end up with a real swamp…and yes, I really mean a true swamp (minus the gators). The inability to dry out your soil is leading to decomposition causing the smell, the fungus and soon probably mosquitoes and frogs.  Unfortunately, its time to get professional help for this. You’re going to have to invest in your yard to fix the problem. There are several options to having it fixed which means you can get a few different quotes, but don’t delay. This problem may temporarily go away if we get a dry summer, but it will keep coming back…and the smell just gets worse

-Carson A.

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