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Ask a Pro: Carson Arthur’s Outdoor Sweeps Edition Part 2

Check out Part 2 of Carson Arthur’s best outdoor maintenance tips from our recent Facebook Q&A, here on Ask a Pro!

Ask a Pro: Carson Arthur’s Outdoor Sweeps Edition -


Q. Hey Carson. I have a rooftop patio. I want to buy artificial grass. What kind/brand do you suggest? Where should I buy it? How do I maintain it?

–Lisa R.

A. The tricky part about artificial grass is how it is used afterwards. A majority of the products on the market are made from recycled materials but cannot be recycled after they become turf. Either look for a biodegradable or recyclable option, or choose an outdoor rug made of natural sisal. Maintenance is easy, wash it with a hose!

–Carson Arthur

Q. How do I create height in my gardens without pulling all my plants out? Do I start over again?

–Kristin D.

A. No way! Save the plants! Consider adding a lattice panel with a nice vine on it. It’s an easy way to create the exact height even in the middle of a bed.

–Carson Arthur


Q. I have 3 agapanthus, aka lily of the Nile. Can I take the pods after the flowers are gone, dry them out, and plant them to make new ones?

–Tisa J.

A. You definitely can… but it’s a SLOW SLOW SLOW process to get them to a stage where they will bloom.

–Carson A.

Q. I have violets growing in my grass. What’s the best product to use to kill them once and for all without killing the grass?

–Max W.

A. Patience, sadly. I know there are a lot of chemicals, but if you want to go the natural route…it’s all about ripping them out one at a time. Sounds like fun?!?

–Carson A.

Q. Is it too late to start a small garden?

–Robin C.

A. Not at all! Go for it! Try some lettuce and radishes. They grow they fastest! Also spinach, kale, even some tomatoes and peppers will work for you now!

–Carson A.