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Ask a Pro

Ask A Pro – Yellow House Curb Appeal

Max Wilker, Style Director at Better Homes and Gardens, helps chose colors to give a yellow house a new look.


My house has light yellow siding and navy blue shutters but I’m wanting to change things up to better fit my style. I’ve thought a lot about black shutters but I’m not sure how that would look? And then I can’t decide on a door color. I’ve thought about white, black, red, or dark purple/eggplant.


We have similar tastes as I have a yellow house, white trim and front porch, and dark royal blue shutters!

To change up your curb appeal, maybe think about warm, charcoal gray shutters as they won’t be as bold as black shutters. Give your trim a fresh coat of white paint. For a front door, you could go with a stained, warm medium wood tone or look for a bright, navy blue paint. I’d go with brass or gold hardware on the door and porch lights for a fresh, modern twist. If you have space for a couple of planters by the front door, go with white planters/containers to match the trim and fill with red blooms for an extra pop of color.

Cheers and have fun with color, Max.