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Ask A Pro – Top Bathroom Color Trends


I’m getting ready to repaint my bathroom.  What are the top color trends that will help me sell my home?


Color can be fun to experiment with but don’t go crazy with extra bold color choices since you are planning to sell.

There are a few things to consider when painting your bathroom:

  1. The overall color flow in the entire house. A house show’s best when a simple color palette is used throughout a house. The home feels larger and not so broken up when each room is a different color.
  2. What color is your bathroom tile, countertop, cabinets, faucets, woodwork, and flooring? What color will highlight these features?
  3. What style is the house and decorating style?
  4. What kind of lighting is in the bathroom as lighting changes the warmth and tone of the paint color?

Today’s top color trends are going away from the cooler shades of gray (that have been trending for over 12 years). Homeowners are looking for warmth and coziness that comes from warmer colors used in a house. For gray tones, look for shades of light gray that have a warm yellow or red hue and not a cool blue hue. A nice greige is a good option as it bridges the gap between gray tones and beiges. Also in a bathroom, you can’t go wrong with a white paint as it can give that hi-end spa bath appearance. White will let the features of the bathroom shine so make sure everything else looks good. If you dislike white paint, go with a light color on the walls and then bring in fresh white towels and rugs with textures for a fresh, clean look. And to keep the trendy look going, add other textures such as a nubby wicker trash can and bring in a live green plant in a small basket or textural ceramic flowerpot. Bringing outside elements into the home is a trend that isn’t going away.

Best of luck,
Max Wilker
Style Director
Better Homes and Gardens Brand Licensing