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Ask a Pro – The Best Flooring For You


Hi! Which wood products are the best for the whole 1st floor including the kitchen and bathroom?

I’m looking at engineered wood and luxury vinyl planks.

Oh and I have a pool table in my great room, so I’m concerned about which flooring will withstand that weight with out getting pressure marks.

– Pam Euker


The beautiful look of a hardwood floor is a smart choice that will coordinate with any decor style for years to come! The biggest upside to engineered wood products and vinyl plank flooring is that they both offer that desirable hardwood look without the maintenance of a solid hardwood floor or the expense.

However, engineered hardwood products may not hold up to water if it’s not cleaned up right away but then, neither will solid hardwood floors. Engineered floors also may not last as long as a solid hardwood floor, since it can only be refinished once — if at all. And these floors generally are not intended for wet areas, and may be just as prone to scratching and denting as a solid hardwood floor.

So instead of the engineered hardwood, consider the vinyl plank flooring options. There are many that claim to be waterproof, if not just water resistant! Look specifically for something that will withstand both water in your bathroom and kitchen as well as resist scratching and dents. Check the manufacturer’s warranty information and ask your installer to be sure. It’s not worth the gamble or the future mess if you choose the wrong product.

As far as your pool table goes, it’s possible that the feet can be replaced with something that will work with your new floor, whatever it is you choose. Ask a professional pool table installer or mover for their thoughts, you’ll probably want them to disassemble and move your table for the flooring installation, anyway. They can replace the feet when they reinstall your table.

Good luck with this project, and let us know how it goes!