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Ask a Pro Q&A: Storing Winter Clothes During the Summer

Summer is in full swing, which means we can officially pack up those big winter coats, sweaters, and boots! But how do you keep your winter necessities and everyday clothes ready to use at the first snowflake? This week on Ask a Pro, Dream Team member and lifestyle pro Carolina Buia shares her advice for keeping winter clothes damage free during the summer.

Ask a Pro Q&A: Storing Winter Clothes During the Summer -

Q: What’s the best way to pack up my winter clothes for the summer?

– Kathleen F.

A: When it comes to packing away your winter clothes, you’re going to need two mindsets: VIP and quotidian. First, decide which pieces will get VIP treatment. Nicer cashmere and wool sweaters, pants and skirts should be cleaned (at home or professionally – ­­read the label) before put to rest for the summer months. Wrap them in acid-free paper, expertly fold them and store in plastic containers, ­­adding a layer of paper between each piece. Keep them in a cool place, such as a basement. As for other VIP items like coats, you can cover them in a breathable garment bag or an air tight contractor bag (the inexpensive, DIY option). Forget about those plastic covers you get at the dry cleaners, as they trap moisture and may lead to mildew staining. Get your clothes out of those as quickly as possible.

As for the everyday, long-­sleeve cottons and heavier slacks and skirts: You can clean and gently fold them into clear containers without worrying about the acid-free paper, ­­except for at the top. As for your heavy, winter boots, add some paper (you can even use magazine tear sheets) to the tips, so that they keep their shape come next winter. If you still have your original shoe boxes, great. Now is a smart time to quickly polish your winter shoes, so they are ready for the next blizzard. You don’t have to get too crazy with specific shoe polish colors, just buy a jar of clear and in half an hour you can do a modest polish on your favorite boots. Finally, don’t forget to keep some cozy pieces on hand. There are the occasional cool summer nights or unexpected trips up north, where you will want your favorite cerulean sweater and you won’t want to be digging through boxes. Enjoy the summer!

– Carolina B.