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Ask a Pro

Ask A Pro Q&A – Painting An Urban Cottage

Max Wilker, Style Director, Better Homes & Gardens® shares his recommendations for painting an urban cottage.


Except for dark gray and white what other colors would you suggest to paint exterior walls of a small urban cottage home in two colors.?

– Mahshid


There are many options to paint your small urban cottage. It all depends on how bold you would like to go. Here’s some options:

  • If you love a classic white house with black window trim, look at painting the front door a bold blue such as Dignity Blue (SW6804) by Sherwin Williams.
  • If gray tones are too cool for you or your neighborhood is full of gray houses, try a warm tan house color with creamy white trim.
  • Maybe fall in love with a soft icy blue house color with crisp white trim. Then look at a light/medium stained front door or go bold red for contrast.
  • Greens are trending for house colors. Get inspired by Sherwin Williams’ Rookwood Jade (SW2812) or Recycled Glass (SW7747) with white trim.

Whichever you choose, buy a few paint samples and test them out on your house. Let the paint dry thoroughly, then check them out for the curb appeal that is your liking.

Best of luck and happy painting,

Max​ Wilker