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Ask a Pro Q&A: How To Landscape a Round, Fiberglass Home

This week on Ask a Pro, Dream Team member and Outdoor Design expert Carson Arthur shares the landscaping possibilities for a round lake home!

Ask a Pro Q&A: How To Landscape a Round, Fiberglass Home -

Q: I’m in the process of purchasing a round, fiberglass lake home that was built in 1974. I have some safety concerns about the fiberglass. Also, some landscaping ideas would be welcome. There are double doors in front with a circular driveway. Thanks for the help!

-Carol D.

A: The Better Homes and Gardens® Real Estate team has researched their archives.  While they couldn’t find anything specifically about fiberglass homes, they did find information about using fiberglass materials. Fiberglass is durable and flexible enough to be installed in any climate and is known to be a fantastic insulator. It will not warp or rot and never needs to be painted. It is a low­ maintenance material.

Round homes are a great inspiration for any outdoor space. I always try to pull form and shape from the house when planning my gardens. As you are at the beginning stages, I’d start doing my research incorporating round forms into design. My personal favorite spot to start is

-Carson A.