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Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro Q&A – Copy Thy Neighbor: Learn how to take inspiration from the Joneses for an ideal yard

Neighbors can inspire exteriors and landscaping. They may also help decipher growing conditions that will make your yard thrive. Outdoor pro Carson Arthur shares how to seamlessly change outdoor plants with help from the Joneses.

Question: We are about to change some of the plants in the front of our home. Fifteen were planted about 28 years ago, but are now dying. We have nine plants left that are grouped in threes.  We are planning an 8′ x 15′ stone patio in front of a bay window for morning coffee with neighbors. We currently have a mini-Japanese maple in the front corner and various bushes scattered around the yard.  We plan to take drawings to our local nursery for advice on filler pieces. Do you have any suggestions?

Bringing drawings of your garden to a local garden center is an excellent plan. In addition, present pictures of plants you like that are growing in your neighbor’s yard. This will give workers an idea of growing conditions. Ideally, if the plants you like thrive in their yard, they should do the same in yours. Happy growing!

-Carson Arthur