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Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro – Mood Brightening Colors – BHGRE #HappyHome

Max Wilker, Style Director, Better Homes and Gardens Brand, shares a few option for brightening a room with color.


These last few months of winter are taking their emotional toll on me. I need a quick pick-me-up in my living room and I think a new color would do the trick!

I’ve got a cream couch and rug, so the sky is the limit. Can you give me some mood-brightening color suggestions?


Option 1: I’d go with a classic palette of blues and greens to add punch to your creams. Explore a new look with a mix of hues and a variety of textures. Go with sleek colored-glass lamps and velvet pillows, plus green plants nestled in nubby, warm-colored wicker baskets. Find colored accessories and maybe a new statement piece of art for the wall with lots of blues and greens in it.

Option 2: Of if you’re like to be right on top of the color trend, go with a rich, charcoal gray and warm, sunny yellows. A textural dark gray blanket throw and bold yellow pillows would perk up your sofa. Look to mix solid yellow pillows with printed pillows that have a dash of yellow and gray on them. Then you can add decorative accents in brass or gold to elevate the look of the room and elevate your mood!