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Ask A Pro – Create a Calming Space

Jennifer Adams, our celebrity Ask a Pro Interior Designer, shares tips on how to create a calming, meditative space at home.


Can you share some tips on ways to create a calming, meditative space at home to bring in some much needed good vibes.


Any time is a good time to be creating calming spaces and good vibes to your home, especially now, after this past year! Since so many of us are working, learning, exercising and cooking more at home, it can be difficult to escape the stress and chaos of days that are busier than ever.

A great way to get started is to pay attention to what you’re bringing into your home to control the clutter before it gets to be a problem. Clutter is stressful. So be diligent about taking out the recycling and getting rid of items you’re not using.

After that, a deeper de-cluttering effort will make your entire house feel fresher, more tranquil and be easier to clean. Start with the most visible areas such as your entryway, counters and tabletops. And the first area you see in each room.

Choose calming fragrances for candles and essential oils. Jasmine, bergamot and vetiver along with others are great for daytime. In the evening try lavender, chamomile and valerian, which may help you sleep better.

Soothing colors include pale tones found in nature such as off whites, light warm grays pale blue, soft sage greens and sandy browns or blonde oak. Earthy textures such as driftwood, nubby fabric, baskets, natural wood and stone are also calming to touch.

If you want a single dedicated space that is more meditative and calming, consider a spot near a window with a nice view of nature, or bring the outdoors inside with a shapely plant or branches, some river stones and a small water feature. Nature, fresh air and the sounds of water are very calming. Add a comfortable mat or chair to sit on and set an appointment with yourself every day to enjoy even just a couple of minutes relaxing with a breath routine or meditating.

Or, if you’re not one to step away from your tasks to relax much, add those elements of nature to a spot you can see many times during the day from your desk or other hectic place in your home. Hopefully these ideas are helpful, good luck!

Jennifer Adams