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Ask a Pro

Ask A Pro – Choosing Engineered Hardwood Flooring

Jennifer Adams, Interior Design Pro, shares her tips for choosing the right flooring.


I have a luxury home client that will be listing her home (built in 2016 with engineered hardwoods). The original engineered hardwood floor on the main level (including the kitchen) are very worn bc of two dogs and three kids. She is replacing the flooring with new engineered hardwoods.

Do you recommend hand-scraped/textured hardwoods or flat? Or, LVP?

– Josh


The classic look of a hardwood floor is an excellent choice because it adds warmth, style, and goes with absolutely any decor. Most people would prefer true hardwoods, but for budget reasons this simply isn’t always an option. If your client was going to keep her home for another few years I might say the LVP (Luxury Vinyl Plank) would easily stand up to her active family’s lifestyle. With all the rich textures and beautiful colors available now in LVP, it is amazingly hard to tell that it’s not wood!

As far as texture goes, are there wood floors in other areas of the home that is not being replaced? Matching that would be a consideration. Not having seen this house or knowing more about the style, I would recommend a textured look in a good quality engineered hardwood or LVP but not necessarily “hand scraped” unless there is an incredible demand for that look in your real estate market and there is budget for a quality product where each board has a unique look.

Instead, consider texture the wood grain to add warmth and depth. A smoother finish is considered a little more classic and formal, and the wire-brushed effect where you can feel the “grain” of the wood great for a more modern casual feel. Stay away from the very darkest and very lightest colors for the floor. Instead, choose an inviting warmer medium-light neutral wood tone such as natural, white oak or whitewashed gray.

– Jennifer​ Adams, Interior Design Pro