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Ask a Pro

Ask a Pro – Backyard Privacy with Ivy

Looking for the best way to add privacy to your backyard? Carson Arthur answers this question about the best way to tackle this DIY.


I’ve got a large yard with neighbors on each side. We have aaluminum fence around the perimeter, but it doesn’t offer any privacy. As I look into trees and bushes, I am curious about ivy. Seems like it might be less expensive and not take up the precious real estate that shrubs would. Does that seem like a good option? There are so many different ivies, is there a particular type that would work best?


Great question. I love the idea that you are using the existing fence to create some privacy.  I would definitely consider a few vines. My personal favorite is Virginia Creeper. It requires very little effort and has fantastic red foliage in the fall. Partner this with a few white Clematis and you will have a thick, show stopping privacy wall that provides interest all season long. – Carson Arthur