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Interior Design

Art Deco – Then and Now

In honor of Better Homes & Gardens® celebrating its 100th anniversary, we are taking a look at previous home trends that are making their way back into our lives. Keep an eye out for more of our ‘Then and Now’ blogs to learn about these looks and how to achieve the trends we are thrilled to have returned.

From the past to the present:

Art deco was popular in America and Europe throughout the 20s, 30s, and 40’s, and now the iconic style is making its way back into our homes. The advances in modern technology in the 20s inspired the look, which can be seen in the geometric shapes and smooth lines. Today, people are saying goodbye to grays and minimalism and looking to liven up their spaces by embracing the glamor and elegance of the Art Deco trend with modern twists. Read on to discover just how you can reboot those sophisticated silhouettes.

art deco style room

What is Art Deco?

What exactly makes up the art deco style? It’s a bold yet luxurious look with symmetrical motifs, patterns, and bright colors. It’s all about making a big statement and trying to create an elegant yet fun space. Some ingredients that make up this strong look are geometric shapes, gold and metallic pieces, arch designs, and of course, decadent detailing.

art deco style room with mirror and wallpaper

How to achieve the Art Deco look:

  • Embrace striking colors such as deep yellows, greens, blues, purples, and pinks
  • Bring in geometric shapes such as triangles and trapezoids
  • Incorporate luxurious looking fabrics such as velvet
  • Consider silver, gold, chrome, and black accents
  • Include metallic accents
  • Use polished wood and lacquer finishes
  • Consider a sunburst mirror
  • Go gold and go for opulence
  • Tap into patterns! Look for wallpapers, cushions, and rugs with patterns such as leaves, trapezoids, chevrons, or zigzags
  • Think about furniture that adheres to the streamlined, symmetrical, and modern look
  • Bring in sweeping curves
  • Go glam with a striking chandelier or a vintage piece

couch and coffee table in art deco style living room