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Appliance Trends: Wi-Fi Enabled, Seamless Design, and More

The kitchen is one of the most important rooms in the house, the most important according to many homeowners. When creating a great kitchen that is beautiful and functional, then, appliance decisions often take center stage.

Today’s trends show that homeowners, particularly women, love the idea of appliances that simplify cooking and meal prep for their families. In a recent survey, 54% of women say they’re willing to spend more on smart home devices like high-tech refrigerators, ovens, and coffee makers.

Additionally, homeowners appreciate appliances that save energy. They also splurge on models that integrate well with their kitchen design like those with panels that blend into cabinetry.

The latest appliance trends will give you a peek into some of the new and popular ways these devices can help you simplify everyday tasks and get more enjoyment out of your home.

Wi-Fi-Enabled Appliances

The top-of-the-line smart appliances can inspire a more productive and healthier lifestyle through technology. Some of the most impressive smart refrigerators we’ve seen include smart cooling systems that sense humidity levels or create recipes based on ingredients on hand. These futuristic appliances also take inventory of your groceries and create customized shopping lists.

Wi-Fi-enabled ovens and ranges let homeowners control them from outside the home. Smart and voice-activated coffee makers allow you to control the timing of your coffee with an app or a simple command.

Multifunction Appliances

Multifunctional capabilities, especially when it comes to kitchen appliances, are a massive draw for homeowners. Europe is already in vogue with the use of the Bimby kitchen robot (in America, it’s known as the Thermomix) that combines chopping, blending, and cooking in one device.

In the U.S., consumers are catching on to these multifaceted appliances’ benefits (think space and time-saving). An all-in-one toaster oven, coffee maker, and griddle is one of the most fun multifunctional small appliances we’ve spotted lately.

Sustainably Made and Functioning

Green living is again one of the top trends among homeowners. Whether you prioritize recycling or energy conservation, or both, you’ll likely delight in the newest appliances from brands that also hold these ideals to heart.

Appliances made with recycled materials are coming to the forefront of kitchen design, as are those that dramatically cut down on water usage. Water-saving dishwashers with Energy Star ratings are some of the best in their class, as are washing machines with eco-features from companies like Miele.

Double Appliances

Double refrigerators, double ovens, double wine refrigerators, and more. Double the capacity to store often means half the time prepping, cooking, and wondering where something is when needed.

These trending appliances are a top choice among high-end homeowners and continue to gain broader acceptance among those with more modest dwellings.

Pops of Color

Not everyone loves the colorful appliance trend, but many homeowners, particularly younger consumers, embrace the look because it lets them express their personality.

Pops of color in kitchens will continue to inspire renovations and makeovers, but time will tell if the aesthetic that sometimes screams retro and borders on kitschy will take a firm hold.

Mixed Metals and Glass

Boring appliance design is a thing of the past. Today’s kitchens feature refrigerators, ovens, and dishwashers with striking metals like gold, copper, and bronze.

Matte black models, as well as those with glass outer panels in a range of colors, are also all the rage.

Induction Ovens

Amidst great efforts (and controversy) to phase out gas ovens and cooktops, the induction oven is on the rise as a focal point in a well thought out kitchen. These ovens are arguably more environmentally-friendly than their gas counterparts and they’re getting more attractive. We anticipate more homeowners will welcome them as a viable option, even in a luxury chef’s kitchen.

Steam Ovens

The steam oven is a trending appliance in many high-end homes. This device circulates steam instead of hot air to cook food. Steaming retains more color and nutrients in your food and cooks it super fast.

Some of the best steam ovens also come with convection technology, which means there’s almost nothing you can’t cook perfectly.

Paneled Appliances

Concealed dishwashers and refrigerators are gaining traction in homes across the U.S. Homeowners across the states have a desire for a more high-end and seamless look in their kitchens, which leads them to choose models they can hide behind customized paneling to blend in with their interior design scheme.

The lack of handles isn’t a hindrance to these upscale appliances that are typically exceptionally and intuitively designed.

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