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6 Ideas for a Sensational Easter Table Setting

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What do food, fancy plates and flowers have in common? They’re all sensational for an Easter table setting!

If you’re coming up short on ideas for your Easter table, or need inspiration for that final touch, there are many ways to set a showstopper.

Create a design that will make loved ones feel welcomed and delighted. Feel free to incorporate appetizers or desserts into your design. Pull out your spring-colored china or hit the vintage shop for new treasures. Display a complete set or pieces that are mismatched and marvelous. Bring some of the season’s best blossoms into the setting as well.



1. Design your own garden centerpiece

Gather a medium-sized wood or metal tray, some wheatgrass (available at many nurseries), a handful of your favorite cut blooms and floral selections filled with water. Trim the wheatgrass with gardening tools or scissors so it fits perfectly on your tray. Place the flower stems inside of the floral selections and then press the picks down into the grass. Arrange a monochromatic garden centerpiece or one that bursts with color.



2. Fill perfume bottles with flowers

Raid your bathroom or your nearest flea market to come up with statement perfume bottles for an Easter table flower display. These vessels, while always beautiful, take on new life when paired with spring’s botanical bounty.


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