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4 Backyard Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home

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A beautiful home with a stunning outdoor living space is a wonderful thing, and it’s amazing what a well-kept lawn can do for not only your home’s value, but also for your own enjoyment while living there. More and more homeowners are starting to invest in their backyard space for many different reasons. To start, having an outdoor living space also increases the value of a home, offering you an excellent return on investment if you choose to sell in the future.

The good news is that you can easily and economically get these backyard renovations finished; you just need some lawn care basics and a few ideas about renovations for outdoor design.

4 Backyard Ideas to Spruce Up Your Home - bhgrelife.com1. The Grass Can Be Greener on Your Side Too

As the old saying goes, “the grass is always greener on the other side,” but when it comes to your backyard, the case should be different. With some quick lawn care basics, you can grow a luscious lawn that will instantly change the appeal of your entire property. These grass-growing tips will set you up with a smooth, lush green carpet in your own backyard:



  • Prepare the area by removing all weeds, rocks, etc.
  • Loosen the top layer of dirt with a rototill, and place high-quality setting soil on top of it
  • Roll out a carpet of sod or seed the area
  • Water once a week, but feed the area bi-annually with some fertilizer
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