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12 Things to Know About Real Estate Agents

Working with a licensed pro to compare homes, negotiate an offer, and navigate myriad specifics and paperwork will save you time and ease your mind. Consider these points.

1 The best source for finding one? Friends who just bought or sold a house.

2 Who’s a REALTOR®? A real estate pro who is a member of the National Association of Realtors and commits to the organization’s code of ethics

3 Your agent can recommend other team members, such as the lender, inspector, and title company.

4 They’re trained to compare homes, communicate promptly, and keep up with financing options.

5 Your agent can handle the arrangements if you find a “for sale by owner” home.

6 Agents have access to a proprietary database of homes for sale known as a multiple listing service (MLS).

7 Agents know the pros and cons of your neighborhood

8 Moving out of town? A real estate agent where you live now can connect you with an agent in your new city.

9 You might be able to hire your agent as a property manager if you choose to rent rather than sell your house.

10 Bonus: your agent might also be a notary—handy for future business paperwork.

11They can recommend contractors and other home improvement pros.

12 The agent you choose looks out for your best interests.